How Guardian Game Medals work in Destiny 2

More events means more activities.

With the start of the Guardian Games, you have the chance to choose your favorite class among the three in Destiny 2 to try to play as to prove which is the best among them. The primary quest of the Guardian Games focuses on players earning Laurel Points throughout the first week. At the same time, you want to try completing Guardian Game Medal quests.

You can receive these from Eva, whom you can find at the center point of the tower and who you need to speak with to start the Guardian Games. After you talk with her and have access to the seasonal quest, On Your Laurels, you can purchase Medals. These medals have challenges you need to complete, but you need to do them in a specific activity.

There are three types of Guardian Game Medals you can choose: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. In that order, the challenges become more difficult for you to challenge, but offer better rewards. For example, the bronze Medal for the Crucible requires for you to defeat 10 Guardians, the silver Medal requires you to earn Laurels during a match (if you obtain a Laurel of your class you receive 3 points and Laurels of another class are worth 1 point), and the gold Medal has you defeat 50 guardians.

These progressively become more challenging, and once you complete them, you need to return to the Tower next to Eva to turn them in. You need to approach the podium at the center where the three flags are and turn in your Medal to your respective class. Red is for Titans, Yellow is for Warlocks, and Blue is for Hunters. The more Medals you turn in, the more points for your class, and the higher likelihood you have of winning the Guardian Games.

Alongside the Guardian Game Medals, you also have bounties available from Eva where you can earn experience points, Bright Dust, and glimmer. There’s also a Medal for completing Guardian Game-related bounties.