How to hire companions in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

They are worth the price.

Image via TaleWorlds Entertainment

One of your first tasks in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord’s campaign is to rebuild your clan. There are various things you need to achieve to do this, from earning Denars to recruiting troops. You will also need to hire a companion, but the game is a little low on details about how to do this.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

To hire a companion, you will need to find a town large enough to have a Tavern. These will be denoted on the map as large castles with some outer walls. Double click on the town to enter, then click on the “Go to the tavern district” option. From there, choose to visit the tavern itself.

When you arrive in the tavern, holding the left Alt key will highlight any characters that you can speak to. Talk to them, and you can choose to either learn a little about their backstory or just ignore this if you wish. It is worth talking to them for a while, especially if you like to play through the game in a more roleplay style, making decisions and talking NPCs based on a certain personality type for your character.

You will have the option to hire them, and it cost us about 1000 Denar to hire our first companion. They will say that they have some debts that need to be paid, so you can choose to hire them or, or head for a different town to see what new companions might be available.

Now, it is worth noting that to move on the from the mission to rebuild your clan, you will need to have all the goals achieved at the same time, so if you have over 2000 Denars and used some of it to hire the companion, you will need to earn some money to move the quest forward.