How to kill the Condrix in Warframe’s Operation Scarlet Spear

Bring a big gun.

Warframe Condrix

The Condrix is the focus of the Ground Assault mission in Warframe’s Operation Scarlet Spear. You will need to defeat, and scan, this massive Sentient enemy so that the Kill Codes can be broadcast to another squad who will be trying to finish the Murex Raid portion of the event. 

The Condrix might be big, but it’s not much of a threat on its own. The danger comes from the smaller Sentients that will accompany it.

When the Condrix first arrives, it will summon some other Sentients and will continue to do so at the start of each damage phase.

The Condrix will need to be killed in three different stages, but there is little difference between those three stages. The health bar is also gated, you cannot “over damage” during any one stage, as soon as the Condrix takes enough damage it will simply turn invulnerable, and excess damage will be mitigated.

Condrix Weaknesses

The Condrix is made up of Ferrite Armor and Flesh. Ferrite Armor is weak to Corrosive and Puncture damage, while Flesh is weak to Viral, Toxin, and Slash damage. As long as you are bringing a weapon that does any of those damage types, you should be effective against it.

I like to bring a Sniper Rifle as a primary weapon, specifically the Rubico Prime, as it simply melts the Condrix.

The smaller Sentients might prove to be more of an issue, as they will adapt to the damage type that you are doing. Make sure you bring a good mix of damage types across all three of your weapons to counter this.

During each damage phase, wipe out the smaller Sentients, then the Condrix will once again open its giant eye, allowing you to damage it further.

It’s not a particularly difficult or complex fight, keep an eye on the scaling and leave when the Condrix begins to soak more damage than you can comfortably put out.