How long does it take to beat Biomutant

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Image via Experiment 101

Biomutant puts players in the shoes of a tiny rodent-like protagonist who is only trying to save the world. This means becoming stronger, more skilled at martial arts, and taking on the Worldeater bosses that are trying to destroy everything.

Biomutant is a large open world game, with a lot to do, so as you might suspect, the time to finish the game can vary wildly, just like most RPGs. Player skill will also be a an important factor in how long the game will take to beat.

According to the developers, a pretty straight shot through the campaign will take around 25 hours to beat. This ignore elements like side quests, exploration, and secrets hidden throughout the game. For players who wish to jump deep into the world and explore everything, you can expect to double the length of time up to 50 hours.

Player skill and difficulty settings will also be a factor, the higher the difficulty the longer it will traditional take any player to beat the game. So, the exact length of time that it takes to finish Biomutant will really depend on the individual playing style and desire of the player. People who want the game to be short can have it wrapped up in 25 hours or so, while people looking for a longer experience can find that as well, simply by fully exploring the game’s wonderful-looking world.