How long does it take to beat Metal: Hellsinger? Full level list

You’ll be spending longer in Hell than you’d think.

Metal: Hellsinger brings players through the depths of Hell in a headbanging story of vengeance, redemption, and good old-fashioned brutality. Featuring big names in the metal music industry, such as Serj Tankian, players will acquire a vast arsenal of weaponry while murdering their way through endless demons. The term “endless,” however, may not apply to all players. So how long is Metal: Hellsinger to beat?

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How long does Metal: Hellsinger take to complete? All levels

Metal: Hellsinger’s main campaign will take players roughly three hours to complete on a normal difficulty setting. This will stretch across eight levels of Hell, with various set pieces and enemies, and 15 heavy metal tracks. The eight levels are:

  • Voke
  • Stygia
  • Yhelm
  • Incaustis
  • Gehenna
  • Nihil
  • Acheron
  • Sheol

While this may seem short, a heft of Metal: Hellsinger content will actually take place with various level modifiers, known as Torments, which are unlocked after completing a level. Each level has three additional Torments, allowing for small level segments to be played through at least four times in new ways, not counting the hardest difficulty setting of Beast. In total, that results in 21 varying Torment modifiers.

An additional beginning level, simply called Tutorial, teaches players the concepts of Rapid Reloads and killstreaks. This level, however, does not introduce any specific demons of hell, and it’s tangentially tied into the story, at best.

Is it worth completing Torments in Metal: Hellsinger?

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While some titles offer various ways to replay levels, Metal: Hellsinger makes it worth your time to fully explore these Torments. Completing Torments across all eight levels will reward players will unique abilities and power-ups that will bolster their strength for future difficulties. Completing Killing With Rhythm: I in Voke, for example, unlocks the Streak Guardian perk which will protect the Unknown’s Hit Streaks, increasing their damage multiplier.

These Torments are not entire levels on their own. Instead, they are small pieces within a level that task players to accomplish specific tasks, such as killing 40 enemies on beat within 10 seconds. The more challenging Torments will reward players with more, but expect to take some time to master the challenge offered within.