How long does Lost Judgment take to beat?

The cost per hour ratio.

Lost Judgement

Image via RGG Studios

Lost Judgement is a stunning follow-up to 2019’s Judgement, and eager players are wondering how long it will take them to finish the game. As always, this is an interesting conversation to have around a game, but we will do our best to give you a good breakdown.

The two things to consider when talking about the length of a game are how good the player is, and what difficulty they are playing at. For the sake of the timelines given in this article, you can assume that we are talking about a normal difficulty run for an average player.

For the main campaign, it should average out to around 25 hours or so, and that would be ignoring any and all side missions and other activities in the game. If you take into account all the other content in the game, you are looking at a roughly 60-hour experience to get it all done.

As we said, however, all that will depend on player skill. Due to the nature of the game, there is some investigating to be done, so players who struggle to put together the clues might find themselves wandering around the city for longer than others will.