How long is a day in Sea of Thieves? Answered

These days run short.

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There is a lot of water to cross while playing Sea of Thieves. When you are sailing to new locations and fighting enemies, you will notice the sun making its way across the sky slowly but surely. The passage of time in games is different in just about any game with a day and night cycle. So how long is a day in Sea of Thieves?

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How long does a day last in Sea of Thieves?

The conversion of Sea of Thieves in-game time to real-time is really simple. One minute that passes in real life is one hour in the game. So, one full day in Sea of Thieves takes 24 minutes. The time is always the same on every server, so hopping between servers will not benefit you.

There are various aspects of Sea of Thieves that run on a timer so it can be good to have an idea of how long is left in the day. Merchant quest deadlines, milestones for Days at Sea, respawning supplies at Outposts, and more.

Important in-game times to keep in mind include the sun setting at 8 PM for the Moment of Reflection accommodation and the sun rising at 5 AM for the A New Day accommodation.

While playing the game, the days passing may seem to go even longer than 24 minutes. Because of the slow gameplay and sailing, it can make time feel like it is passing slowly. The region server changes every ten in-game days, or four hours of real-time.

For your general gameplay, keeping track of the time is not necessarily mandatory. While there are some aspects of the game that rely on this, your usual voyages can go non-stop without needing to keep track of the time.