How Long Is Death Stranding?

If you are still unsure about buying Death Stranding and want to know how much bang you will get for your buck, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will tell you how long the game is, and what you will be doing for all that time while avoiding any story spoilers.

How Long Is Death Stranding?

Death Stranding should take you anywhere from 45 to 50 hours to get through the main story. This time gets extended if you decide you enjoy delivering any of the Lost Cargo that you can find strewn around the game world.

The majority of your time in the game will be spent taking care of deliveries. Still, you can also put plenty of time into building up your rank and relationships with the game’s many distribution centers. There are plenty of small tasks to do in the game that do not tie in with the main story. You can quickly get another dozen or so hours out of the game if you enjoy what you are doing, much like other open-world games.

The story gets spread out over 14 different Episodes that you will need to complete to finish the tale of Sam Porter Bridges and his quest to reconnect America. For the most part, the game boils down to walking. You carry cargo, you avoid BTs, and you learn about the devasting event that has occurred, and led to the Death Stranding.

The length of time you spend with the game will also be impacted by how well you prepare for your journeys. If you bring plenty of equipment like ladders, and ways to build bridges and other items you will need, you should be able to take some pretty brave routes, cutting time off your travels. You might also get lucky and find paths that have already been laid out by other players.