How Long is Ghost Recon Breakpoint?


Ubisoft knows precisely how to get players into the middle of a game, and Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the highlight of this. You won’t be able to level up your XP forever, but you can get your gear score going pretty high. You’re going to find plenty of baddies on the island to take out, too. However, how long is the main story of the game going to take before you complete it?

How Long is Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Campaign?

It’s challenging to place an exact timeframe on how long it’s going to take you to go through the story. There are plenty of side objectives to keep yourself busy and continually leveling up. Now, if you were to pinpoint achieving the maximum XP level in the game as the deciding factor, which you shouldn’t, then you’re looking at 25 to 30 total hours. You can go even faster if you’ve purchased a booster for the game.

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The most significant complication revolving a set time for the game is the fact you can make a beeline straight to the big baddie’s stronghold. You can do this after you’ve spoken to a few higher up captains in enemy bases. You’re going to notice them as the officers with an exclamation indicator above their heads. Interrogate them, and they’ll give you details about where to find Cole Walker’s base, the ex Ghost agent leading the game’s antagonistic group, the Wolves.

You’re going to want to take on Cole Walker when you roughly reach gear level 150. Getting to gear level 150 can take you a good chunk of time, equal to 25 to 30, depending on how many side quests or enemy bases you focus on taking out. You can run through the game, helping out locals and completing their quests, or purely take the fight to the enemy. You can fight them at the several bases they have scattered through Auroa.

Plus, Ubisoft plans to add additional story-based content, gear levels, raids, and more things for players to do every four months. This continuous wave of content is apart of the game’s Year 1 Season Pass. They’re planning on keeping the game going for quite some time, and players are going to have plenty to do. Sure, you might beat the game within 30 hours. But you have so much more to do with friends in PvP matches and the PvE raids, you’d be making a poor choice putting the title down after you complete the story and reach the maximum XP level.