How long is the day and night cycle in New World?

Is there a way to tell when it happens?

Image via Amazon Games

Finding animals and specific resources in New World comes down to knowing what region you need to visit to find them. However, some resources might be restricted to you based on the time of day. For example, when you’re looking for fishing bait, you’re going to find Nightcrawler Bait under flint during the day and Glowworm Bait at night. How long is the day and night cycle in New World?

Right now, we don’t have an exact timeline for how long these cycles last. We know that when it is night time, the effects of imtes such as Glowworm Bait will work for your pole, but if it’s during the day, you’ll want to switch your bait over to the Nightcrawler Bait, when fishing in salt water.

Other than the visual queue of everything becoming dark or light out, there doesn’t appear to be an exact way to show players that the time of day has shifted. If you’re close to some flint while you’re fishing, you can always attempt to loot more bait, and if you loot Nightcrawler Bait, it’s day, and if it’s Glowworm it’s going to be night.

Hopefully, these mechanics shift in the future so players have a better idea of determining this and knowing how long these instances last. We’ve been running around the game for quite a bit of time, and haven’t noticed the shift happening too quickly, so it’s definitely longer than half an hour or so.