How long is Gears of War 5’s Campaign?


The Gears of War campaigns have always been action-packed, with bombastic set pieces and a decidedly human story at their heart. While for many people the PvP action is the draw, a vast number of people look forward to the campaigns as if they are a Hollywood blockbuster, but better. If you are wondering how long the Gears 5 campaign is, we have some details that will interest you.

How long is Gears 5’s Campaign?

Before release, The Coalition let slip that they expect the Gear of War 5 campaign to take people over 20 hours to play through. The game consists of multiple Acts, where you control two protagonists. Both J.D Fenix and Kait Diaz are returning from Gears of War 4 for more Locust smashing fun.

Unlike previous entries, this new game in the Gears of War series adopts a semi-open world model. You will be making decisions about which order objectives should happen, there will be exploration, and lots of side missions to complete. If you are only interested in the main story, you can cut right through it and reduce that completion time to below 20 hours. If you want to find every hidden collectible and secret, you can add on more time.

As usual, exactly how long it takes to finish a game is down to various factors about individual players. But you can assume that the Coalition has given what they perceive is the average time it would take someone to see all the content the campaign has to offer.

So if 20 hours of a campaign featuring gruff-voiced, barrel-chest people causing alien heads to explode sounds like your idea of a good time, then Gears 5 is right for you.