How Long does it take to beat Untitled Goose Game


Untitled Goose Game may not have the most depth of any game released this year. However, it’s a fun, tongue-in-cheek adventure starring a troublesome Goose who wants singular thing: a golden bell. The goose goes on a tedious task to go through an entire village to acquire it, annoying the occupants along the way. How long does it take to beat it?

How Long to Beat Untitled Goose Game

You’re not going to need to strap yourself to your seat to spend too much time to beat the game. If you’re completing every task on the to-do list when you enter a new area, and it’s your first time, the entire game is probably going to take your two to three hours to finish. It’s not a hefty amount of time, but it’s a fun adventure with a honking Goose who knows what they want.

The main appeal to the game is starting over from the beginning. When you finish the game, you’re going to have more tasks available to you. Unlike last time where the goal was to proceed to the next area, you’re more focused on causing trouble to the locals and giving them a tough time. They’re not going to enjoy you, but you’re going to have a great time causing mischief.

The next part of the game adds a bit more fun to the title. For those who want to try and speed run through the original game, there are three available save slots, allowing you to start over from scratch to see how quickly you finish the initial tasks.

You can get Untitled Goose Game right now on the Nintendo Switch or for the PC and Mac from the Epic Games Store.