How long will the Valorant beta last?

How long do you get the play?


Image via Riot Games

Closed beta keys have been pouring out for Valorant, and only a handful of players have had the opportunity to gain access to the game. Everyone else who is eagerly waiting for their chance are hoping they obtain the opportunity by anxiously watching their email or registered streamers who share codes every so often from their Twitch accounts. Unfortunately, all of it is random. When you do gain a key, how long can you expect to play the game before it officially releases?

At this time, Riot believes the closed beta will remain short, and the overall beta for the game does not have an end date. Streamers who are handing out the codes and the team at Riot don’t have an exact preset date for it to happen. If you have the opportunity to jump into Valorant, don’t sweat your time there too much and spend 16 to 20 hours a day playing it, thinking you’ll lose access to it at the drop of a hat.

All Valorant players will likely receive a formal notice of when the closed beta will end, and the community waiting to gain access to the new shooter will know when the open beta starts. Everything is a waiting game right now, with players jumping in continual waves. Hopefully, it opens up to those who have been waiting a bit longer, and have only had the chance to catch the rapid-fire gameplay of Valorant on Twitch.

We’ll be learning more details in the future. Riot had been a little shy about the game, and details remain slim of when it’ll come out. However, those who are in the beta can expect to see plenty of changes coming to it during that lifetime. Features such as ranked play and rankings should drop while Valorant is in beta, providing the community a general idea of what to expect for the game’s first season, which will happen sometime in the future.