How many characters can you have per server in New World?

How many can you make?

When starting an MMO, you want to find a server where you and your friends can play together and have the best experience possible. But the number of characters you can have for a server will vary, depending on the game. For New World, you shouldn’t expect to create an army of characters that you can control, but how many characters can have you per server?

From what we can tell, it looks you’re going to be limited to only having one character per server in New World. This information was confirmed by the New World team on Twitter when asked by another player back in July 2021. However, the response is early enough to be relevant information, especially by the development team.

If you were looking to have a handful of characters on a set server, you wouldn’t be able to do that. The reasoning behind it is likely to ensure that New World’s economy doesn’t become flooded and is cornered off by a handful of players. Instead, this process ensures everyone has an equal chance of focusing on what matters to them in the game. While slightly limiting for players who prefer to have a main and an alternative player they swap between, it seems a good way to make it fair for everyone on a New World server to trade and craft in a developing economy.