How many hostile mobs are in Minecraft? All enemy monsters in Minecraft

Watch out for these bad guys.

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If you are playing on a Survival world in Minecraft, you have plenty of hazards to deal with. Lava pools, starvation, and gravity are common entities that kill players in the game, but those are more through your own actions. There are plenty of enemy monsters that will attack you on site, leading forcing you to fight for your life. Here are all of the hostile mobs in Minecraft.

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How many hostile monsters are in Minecraft?

There are a total of 36 hostile mobs in Minecraft as of this writing. That is without including the two boss mobs, The Enderdragon and The Wither, but we also are counting the Wolf because if you attack it or a player that tamed it, it will try to kill you. We are also counting various forms of mobs as their own thing. For example, Cave Spiders are separate from normal Spiders, and mini Zombies, referred to as Baby Zombies by some people, are separate because they have different properties. As time goes on, more updates will continually add more hostile mobs to deal with.

Full list of hostile mobs in Minecraft

As noted above, hostile mobs are denoted as any that will attack you for various reasons. Some of these will not attack on sight, but can be provoked to if you do a particular action like look into the eye of an Enderman or be near them during the night in the case of Spiders. Here is the full list of hostile mobs in Minecraft.

  • Baby Zombie
  • Blaze
  • Cave Spider
  • Chicken Jockey
  • Creeper
  • Drowned
  • Elder Guardian
  • Enderman
  • Endermite
  • Evoker
  • Ghast
  • Guardian
  • Hoglin
  • Husk
  • Magma Cube
  • Phantom
  • Piglin Brute
  • Pillager
  • Ravager
  • Shulker
  • Silverfish
  • Skeleton
  • Skeleton Horseman
  • Slime
  • Spider
  • Spider Jockey
  • Stray
  • Vex
  • Vindicator
  • Warden
  • Witch
  • Wither Skeleton
  • Wolf
  • Zoglin
  • Zombie
  • Zombie Villager