How to find and defeat a Pillager Outpost in Minecraft

Fight on!

Image via Mojang

Pillagers can be annoying hostile mobs in Minecraft. When these small groups of weaponized evil Villagers appear, you know you have at least a small fight on your hands. Most of the time, it feels like they are initializing the fight by appearing at your home, but there are moments where you can take the fight to them in their home. Here is how to find Pillager Outposts and defeat them.

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Where to find and defeat Pillager Outposts in Minecraft

Before you go looking for Pillager Outposts, we highly recommend getting better weapons and armor. At the very least, you should be wearing Iron armor pieces for protection. If you have Diamond or Netherite with enchantments, the process will be much easier. Also, have some food or healing potions on you to keep yourself alive if they start landing too many hits. A bucket of milk to get rid of the Bad Omen effect when killing Pillager Captains may be nice to have as well.

Pillager Outposts can appear in any biome that a Village can generate in. Remember, that seeing a small group of Pillagers walking around does not mean that an Outpost is nearby. There is a 300 block range that the Outpost can generate near the Village, although finding a Village does not guarantee a Pillager Outpost appearing.

When you find an Outpost, get a quick look at the area before charging in. Pillager Outposts can have cages nearby with either Allays or Iron Golems. Leave the Allays for after the battle, but if you free an Iron Golem, it will help you fight any nearby Pillagers.

When you initiate a fight, we recommend trying to take on one Pillager at a time. They use Crossbows and will attack you from range, so taking on multiple of them at once can lead to you taking a lot of damage quickly. If that is impossible and a lot of enemies start attacking, we recommend making your way into the Outpost tower and getting to the top floor. You can defend yourself easier in that spot while hitting any Pillagers that follow you.

If you attack a Captain (the Pillager with a banner on its back), you will have the Bad Omen effect put on you. Be sure to drink some milk before going into a Village or you will cause a Raid with more enemies showing up.