How many levels are in Gardenscapes?

How long can you play for?

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Gardenscapes is a match-three game from Playrix that also includes some garden simulation mechanics. The free-to-play game is available on Android and iOS and is regularly updated. If you are wondering how many levels are in the game, the answer to that is very interesting.

At the moment, there are over 6000 levels in the game, each one providing you with an interesting and challenging match-three puzzle to complete. The game is also updated with new levels every week. 15 new levels are added to the game every Thursday, providing constant content for players. As such, it is always hard to give an exact count of how many levels are in the game, because the number is always increasing.

Each level challenges players with a different goal, such as collecting a certain number of different items, finding gnomes, firecrackers, or emeralds. Finishing levels earns players coins and stars that will unlock new areas, allowing them to play even more levels.

The game is also split up into different areas, and players can decorate their own garden using all manner of items that they can get from playing the game. You can also befriend NPCs in the game, and can even have a pet dog.