How many maps will Warcraft Arclight Rumble feature at launch? Answered

The answer will shock you.

Image via Activision Blizzard

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Blizzard has revealed their first Warcraft title for mobile called Arclight Rumble. While the game does not currently have a release date, it seems as if it will have quite the lineup of maps at launch. According to the official announcement, Arclight Rumble will feature over 70 battleground maps upon release.

Blizzard promises that these maps will be super entertaining and have plenty of character. Each one will feature multi-lane combat across familiar areas of Azeroth. The goal on each of these maps is to protect your base from enemies and bosses that will be instantly recognizable to fans of the Warcraft franchise.

Players will have to capture objectives such as Meeting Stones and Guard Towers. This will allow you to deploy your Minis closer to the enemy boss and gain the battlefield advantage. Gold Nodes and Treasure chests are also spread across the maps. Sending units out to collect these will open up more abilities and options to take on your opponent.

While the design of each map is inspired by the tower defense genre, the title has been labeled as a tower offense game, featuring unique miniature units and heroes from across the Warcraft universe. The game will feature both cooperative and competitive multiplayer as well.