How Minecraft Education Cyber Safe Can Be Used To Teach Internet Safety

Minecraft can be a learning experience, especially concerning the internet. Here is everything to know about the new “Good Game” DLC.

Promotional image for Good Game DLC.

Screenshot via Minecraft Education

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Minecraft Education is an ongoing official endeavor to teach children about various topics through the power of a game they recognize. With more and more younger audiences breaching the internet and getting involved in online communities, education can be important not only to promote safety but to spread correct information concerning online principles and the do’s and don’ts for a younger audience.

Safer Internet Day is the perfect opportunity to promote education concerning the internet and the games we play using it. Minecraft Education has released cyber education worlds before via Cyber Safe DLC, but now they’ve announced the release of a new lesson that can help educators or home teachers everywhere make the most of Safer Internet Day.

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Minecraft Education Releases Cyber Safe: Good Game DLC

Screenshot from Minecraft Good Game DLC.
Screenshot via Minecraft Education

This Safer Internet Day, Minecraft Education has added another lesson to its Cyber Safe Collection. These immersive Minecraft worlds are designed to keep children engaged while learning about a topic. Whether that topic is history, science, or in this case, internet safety, Minecraft Education seeks to keep children’s attention while they learn about new things in a format they already understand.

With Minecraft being the most popular it has ever been, helping new minds learn through a familiar medium is a perfect match in today’s more internet-based age. With younger and younger children getting onto the internet, having a recognizable game promote internet safety is a huge win for education, especially among audiences that are already accustomed to how Minecraft works.

The Cyber Safe Good Game DLC is a free DLC pack that anyone can add to their copy of Minecraft. By adding this DLC to everyone’s copy of the game, teachers and learners alike can meet up in worlds to learn all about cyber safety, such as how to use technology responsibly and how to act in online communities.

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Cyber Safe DLC Helps Keep Kids Engaged While Learning Valuable Lessons

Screenshot from Privacy Prodigy DLC
Screenshot via Minecraft Education

More often than not in this era of gaming, online communities are becoming more necessary to enjoy a piece of media. Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft are all great games for a certain age range of kids, but these online communities impinged with them are new areas that kids shouldn’t have to learn about alone. The Cyber Safe DLC series helps educate kids on the basics of internet safety, including how to maintain their privacy, communicate safely, and promote their well-being while on the internet, or just on a game that uses the internet.

The latest addition to the Cyber Safe DLC is Good Game, a learning experience that helps promote and explain tools within most online spaces that can help make the internet more friendly and helpful. Designed for ages 8 to 18, this in-game learning module helps teach kids what to do against real-life experiences that they may encounter on the internet, such as game sabotaging, player cheating, or disruptive online chat.

As a teaching tool, Cyber Safe: Good Game comes with access to the Minecraft world in which students can explore and learn, as well as a lesson page where educators or teachers from home can facilitate the experience. Other free lessons such as Privacy Prodigy and Home Sweet Hmm help teach children about the importance of privacy, or the basic building blocks of the internet. With these powerful tools, educators everywhere can help promote the internet literacy of the next generation, ensuring that they don’t step into the big wide world of the web without some extra care.