Minecraft Fans Divided Over Armadillo – Best Mob or Total Mistake?

The Armadillo may seem popular, but it isn’t with all Minecraft fans.

Image by Mojang

Image by Mojang

While a little bit of contention is a good thing, the divisive Mob Vote in Minecraft has led to serious player outrage. Even after the voting has ended, social media hotspots like Twitter and Reddit are still debating the validity (and importance) of the mob that won the 2023 election: the Armadillo.

Between the Penguin, Crab, and Armadillo, the armored rodent took the prize during the 2023 Mob Vote, but not everyone is happy about it. Despite being the popular vote, there’s plenty of community debate over whether the Armadillo is the wisest choice in comparison to the others.

What Do Fans Think of the Armadillo Mob?

All three mob options would have been cute, exciting additions to the game, each having its uses: the Crab oriented towards builders, Penguins towards travelers of the sea, and the Armadillo for those with Dog companions. However, it seems many Minecraft players are divided over the results of the vote.

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There is no shortage of Reddit posts that despair about the Armadillo win, whether they cite its cuteness as the determining factor over its actual utility or the claims that dog armor is highly overrated. While the opinion seems to be mostly against the Armadillo, there are still posts out there that love the new mob win, though they are few in comparison.

Is Armadillo Really the Best Choice?

Overall, fans are pretty divided despite Armadillo having over 40% of the votes. Many of the complaints that come with the Armadillo hate cite that the Crab has a far different utility, one that centers on building instead of providing new armor. However, many have argued that the armor is immensely useful, negating the need to fear taking a Dog on adventures since they are better protected now.

The popularity behind the Armadillo focuses on Dog lovers, which is likely why so many against the Armadillo are upset about Crab losing. From the beginning, the Armadillo had cuteness and the Dog on its side, being a popular choice from the start of the voting. Seeing the writing on the wall and not having much of a chance to stop it is likely what’s stoked so much debate now that the dust has settled. While it’s unfortunate that we can’t simply have all three, updates are always brewing, so the future for more Minecraft mobs can remain characteristically bright.