Top 10 Minecraft Hello Kitty Skins

Hello Kitty and Minecraft mix supremely well. Here are the 10 best Hello Kitty skins you can use in Minecraft from SkinDex.

Hello Kitty Minecraft Skin

Image by SkinDex

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If you need a little twist of cuteness to your Minecraft world, nothing mixes so well as Hello Kitty. While there are plenty of mods out there that can make the entirety of the world as cute as a button, completing the look requires a new look for your character, unless you prefer being Steve.

From Chococat to Kuromi, there are plenty of skins out there for Minecraft that either emulate the characters released by Sanrio or straight-up represent them in complete cartoonish form. Whether you’re in for the pink aesthetic or want something a little lighter on the eyes, SkinDex is a great place to get brand-new skins. Below, we’ll cover 10 of the best Hello Kitty skins you can get on Minecraft.

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10. Chococat

Hello Kitty Chococat Skin
Image by SkinDex

The good thing about Hello Kitty skins is that they’re so cartoonish that they only require a little detail to stay accurate. This is the case with Chococat; he’s pretty simple, and so is his Minecraft skin on SkinDex. He even has his blue scarf, and while he could be more rounded to match his real appearance, he’s still pretty recognizable.

9. Chococat Hoodie

Hello Kitty Chococat Hoodie Skin
Image by SkinDex

For something a bit more subtle, consider the Chococat Hoodie. This skin adds more human charm to it so that you’re not simply running around as a Hello Kitty character in a human shape. This one is a tad comfier, not to mention more detailed than the Chococat skin on SkinDex.

8. Cinnamoroll

Hello Kitty Cinnamoroll Skin
Image by SkinDex

SkinDex has you covered when it comes to Cinnamoroll with soft aesthetic skins everywhere. This one covers all the bases, having Cinnamoroll as a hat to the otherwise human, character-stylized skin. The color palette is on point, with cute details in the shading all across the board, from the pink shorts to the cute white blouse.

7. Pastel Cinnamoroll

Hello Kitty Pastel Cinnamoroll Skin
Image by SkinDex

If you need Cinnamoroll skin that’s just a touch easier on the eyes, consider Pastel Cinnamoroll on SkinDex. This lighter version of a Cinnamoroll is much softer, having more blue accents than anything with a more pastel color combo. Most of the skin is snowy white, with some detail around the hair and ribbons, which have pink and blue mixed in. Even the back is detailed, with clothing lines and even a tiny tail.

6. Hello Kitty Girl

Hello Kitty Girl Skin
Image by SkinDex

The Hello Kitty Girl works perfectly for a standard cute Hello Kitty skin. As long as you’re okay with your avatar being brunette, this Hello Kitty Girl skin has the typical overalls and striped shirt combo, with cute mismatched-length socks and even a Hello Kitty hat to match.

5. Hello Kitty Boy

Hello Kitty Boy Skin
Image by SkinDex

While it may not be Dear Daniel, the next best thing is a Hello Kitty Boy skin. This one may not be as detailed as the Girl with the shading, but sometimes, a cartoonish lack of shading can be appealing. Regardless, this skin fills all the boxes style-wise, being recognizable as a Hello Kitty skin with the outfit and color choices. They even have cute little cat ears, which is a nice touch.

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4. Soft Hello Kitty

Soft Hello Kitty Skin
Image by SkinDex

Like the pastel Cinnamoroll, there is also a softer version of the Hello Kitty skin. This one takes on a more muted tone, mainly being a cream and white color. The only thing that sticks out color-wise is the bow, which helps tie the rest together with a cute splash of color. Don’t mistake simplicity in the color palette for simplicity in design because this skin has detail from head to hair, to stockings, to toe, both on the front and the back.

3. Kuromi

Hello Kitty Kuromi Skin
Image by SkinDex

For those who want to have their skin represent Kuromi, this skin on SkinDex is perfect for the occasion. With a hood over her eyes, the shading and detail on this skin is excellent, with mismatched stockings and other accents on her outfit coming through nicely despite the pixelated limitations. You can tell that the hood is separate from the rest of her outfit judging by the shoulders and how it seems to drape off them.

2. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Skin
Image by SkinDex

The list would only be complete with a classic Hello Kitty skin to seal the deal. This version of Kitty leans more to the pink side of things, her overalls being light pink from the front to the back. Even her blush and bow are a puce color, making the skin look just as cute and color coordinated as ever. The simple design is no indication that the shading is simple, with detail everywhere, from her arms to the way her outfit looks on the skin. There’s even a tail in the back!

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1. Hello Kitty Pastel

Hello Kitty Pastel
Image by SkinDex

For a skin with all the cuteness of Hello Kitty but all the gentleness (and colors) of a cotton candy cloud, consider this Pastel Hello Kitty Skin. The light pinks, whites, and subtle browns make this an easy skin on the eyes, with shading everywhere there is to see. Tiny bows, checkered patterns, and hats make this skin a delight to look at and even more cute to use if you want something adorable. Even the eyes can’t stand to be very dark, taking on a light brown instead of black like most skins.