How moist and import protein works in Persona 5: Royal

Training to the max.

Image via Atlus

You have numerous opportunities to improve your stats and increase your skills while playing Persona 5: Royal. You can only do it during certain opportunities, though, and your time is precious in the game. It’s essential to have every activity count towards improving yourself. An excellent way to increase the benefits of your active training and exercise is to use moist and import protein.

Moist and import protein increase the benefits your character receives while training at a gym or your home. It increases the amount of maximum HP and SP gains they receive after finishing the workout. Import, also known as foreign, protein provides more benefits, but moist protein is available more often.

  • Import protein:
    • Gym Workout: +5 HP and +3 SP
    • Home Workout: +4 HP
    • Available through shopping networks and the Shibuya Sports Shop once a month
  • Moist Protein:
    • Gym Workout: +3 HP and +2 SP
    • Home Workout: +2 HP
    • Available through shopping networks and the Shibuya Sports Shop on rainy days

You want to avoid using these too early in the game. Mostly, you spend the time during the earlier portion of the game, increasing your time with your Confidants, grinding levels in Mementos, and finding ways to expand your stats. However, when you have more free time towards the end of the game, you can maximize your time at the gym or in your room by increasing your overall stats. It’s better to spend time doing these activities using proteins you’ve acquired throughout the game.

Alternatively, you can use these proteins during battles to heal your characters, but it’s better to avoid having to rely on healing items during combat. You primarily want to use spells to heal your party members because these proteins have far more uses outside of battle, and they last through your game.

You want to wisely choose how to spend your time every day. Make sure none of your Confidants want to hang out and there are no important side missions you could be doing if you think training and improving your HP and SP stats is the most important thing to be doing.