How much is a Game Boy Color worth in 2022? Boxed vs. unboxed

Escape to a world of color.

Image via Nintendo

The Game Boy Color was the premiere handheld console during the late 1990s until the Game Boy Advance was released in 2001. Looking at it now shows how much it has aged, but for kids during this time, the Game Boy Color was a massive step forward from the original console that had only a puke-green tone to it. For anyone looking to relive those nostalgic days, how much will it cost you to buy a Game Boy Color today?

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How much does a Game Boy Color cost now?

With the Game Boy Color no longer being in production, your purchase luck will come down to whatever third-party you are buying from. If you are trying to buy an unboxed used console, you are probably looking at around $50-70 but may find someone willing to part with it for a little less if it is scratched up or damaged. Special edition GBCs will likely be closer to $100.

If you are lucky enough to find a Game Boy Color complete in-box, you will likely have to pay up to $250 to buy it, closer to $300 for limited editions. It is rare to come across these boxes in good condition with everything included, so you will have a higher ticket for it. You could potentially find a seller willing to part with it for closer to $200, but not much less than that.

Finding a sealed Game Boy Color box is where the big bucks come in. These are so rare that it can be difficult to find them. You are definitely looking at hundreds of dollars for any of the main colored consoles, likely in the $400 to $700 range. Limited edition consoles that are still sealed could potentially reach the $2,000 area.