How multiplayer works in Demon’s Souls

Play with your friends in Demon’s Souls.

Image via FromSoftware.

If you’re familiar with the other Souls games, then you probably have a good idea of how online works in Demon’s Souls. The multiplayer hasn’t been reworked in the remake, but there have been a few quality of life changes. You will need Eye Stones to invade worlds or summon players for co-op. This guide will walk you through how to get the orbs needed to get the most out of Demon’s Souls online features.

Blood Messages

In every Souls game, you can leave messages on the ground for other players to see in their worlds, and Demon’s Souls is no exception. You can place Blood Messages on the ground via your menu. You can arrange preselected words in any order you want. Use these messages to help fellow gamers or lead them astray. The choice is yours.


To unlock the ability to play cooperatively online, you must first beat Phalanx and speak to the Maiden in Black. She will entrust you with Blue Eye Orbs that you can use to help other players. If you use a Blue Eye Orb, you will be put in a sort of online queue where players can see your sign and request your presence for help. Thankfully the remake added a password system for these orbs so you can now easily summon or be summoned by a friend.


To invade other players’ worlds to kill them, you must use a Black Eye Orb. Using a Black Eye Orb will only allow you to invade other worlds where the player is in the same area you are in. To get a Black Eye Orb, you need to kill your first NPC Black Phantom. You will find these phantoms throughout your world, but if you want to find one ASAP, you can immediately head over to 2-2 and kill the Great Club Phantoms.