How powered-up PokéStops work in Pokémon Go

Scan those PokéStops.

Image via Niantic

You’ll find several PokéStops while playing Pokémon Go throughout your neighborhood and in larger cities. The more PokéStops you see, the more items you can receive, making it easier to catch Pokémon and power them up. Now, you have the chance to power up PokéStops. How do powered-up PokéStops work in Pokémon Go, and what do they do?

A powered-up PokéStop provides everyone who uses it with more rewards than you’d receive from a traditional one. There are three levels to powered-up PokéStops. The way you go about powering up a PokéStop is by completing AR Field Research tasks you receive from the PokéStop, which typically require you to scan a nearby location or the landmark itself.

All powered-up PokéStops have three levels. The first level requires players to scan it five times. The second level requires players to scan it 10 times. The third and final level for powered-up PokéStops requires players to complete 30 AR Map scans.

You’ll need to work together with several trainers to power up PokéStops. The more players work on a PokéStop, the more rewards everyone receives when they spin it. PokéStops refresh every five minutes, so if you’re planning to be in the area of a PokéStop, you don’t have to wait too long until you can reap the rewards.