How ranked games work in PUBG

Ranked matches are here.

Screengrab via PUBG Corporation

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has added ranked games to the PC and console versions. When you load into the game, you can choose to play a normal match or ranked match. The ranked matches work a little bit differently than the traditional games, but they primarily operate in the same way. The goal remains the same, where your primary concern is to make it to the end of the game as the last person standing.

Before you can start a ranked game, you need to verify for the service. You will need to associate your phone number to your account, and after you link the two, you will receive an SMS message confirming your account. After doing this once, you will be free to play in a ranked game. Normal games do not have this requirement, and those playing on consoles do not have to submit an SMS message.

PUBG ranked games will be broken up into seasons. Each season will run for a certain amount of time, and when a new one starts, all players begin the season at an unranked choice. Every player will need to play at least five games before thy receive a ranking based on their performance from each of those five games, along with the rankings you held in previous seasons. 

All ranked games will have 64 players, and it will only feature a first-person perspective and third-person perspective squad matches. You do have the option to play as a solo squad. You can expect to encounter a variety of higher-end loot than you’d see in a traditional PUBG match, and there will be no redzone available. The only maps available when ranked games launch are Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. There will be no bots at all during these matches, and the blue zone will have adjusted settings for a more intense experience. 

The length of each ranked season will likely mirror the regular season updates. For example, ranked matches launched during Season 7, so the first season of ranks games will likely continue and be available during this time, and the new season will release for Season 8.

The developers behind PUBG plan to listen to the community feedback to adjust the rules and balances during every season. When ranked games first launch, crossbows will not be available, but this could change in future seasons.

Following the end of every ranked game, you will receive a breakdown of how you did and your placement in the game, along with your kills and assists. If you lose any ranked points (RP) during a match, you’ll see the results here during this final page, but if you’re still working on your placement matches, you’ll see how many you have left on this screen.

Ranked games will bring new competition for PUBG players, hopefully drawing those interested back into the game. Any cheaters attempting to jump into a ranked match will be met with harsh consequences, along with those trying to dodge games because they don’t enjoy a particular map.