How repairing and upgrading Modular Vehicles works in Rust

Time to drive.


Modular Vehicles are a great way to get around Rust, but you won’t be able to immediately take them with you after finding one on the side of a road. You first need to repair them so they can ferry you around the game, and you need a variety of parts to do so. The pieces do not need to be the best quality for the vehicle to run, but the better parts you place into the car, the longer you can expect it to last, and these increase its performance. Here are the items you need to research and craft:

  • 1 Carburator
  • 2 Pistons
  • 1 Crankshaft
  • 2 Spark Plugs
  • 2 Valves

For those with plenty of resources to craft these items, it shouldn’t take you too long to gather them up. You can find plenty of low-quality parts inside tool chests in gas stations, supermarkets, and other abandoned residential areas. For those with a level 2 workbench, you can make them using five high-quality metal for each item. These parts will degrade over time inside your vehicle, but you can repair them at a repair for three high-quality metal.

Alternatively, you can visit the Air Wolf vendor at the Bandit Camp. Speak to them, and they will be able to sell you decent quality blueprints of each of the above parts for 75 to 125 scrap. It’s a good option if you’re low on resources and want to focus on obtaining a modular vehicle.

After you have your new vehicle up and running, you need to find a location to modify it, and you can only do it with a vehicle lift. Again, the Air Wolf vendor can sell you a vehicle lift for 175 scrap, or you can make it for 125 scrap. It will need 10 high-quality metals, three gears, and 1,000 metal fragments to create it at level 2 workbench. When you have it crafted, you will need a six by three space location to place it down, and then it needs at least one power outlet to operate. Any vehicle you bring to the power lift will need access to it, so make sure to have an open area for you to drive to it, or it won’t do much good for you.

You can drag and drop the modular parts on your vehicle while operating the power lift, but you need to make sure it has an engine and compartment slot on before leaving the power lift station. There are vehicles with two, three, and four modular slots.