How To Research New Weapons, Engines and Reactors For Your Railjack In Warframe


Your starting Railjack is a great new addition to Warframe, but you won’t get far in it without upgrading it. You can research and build new engines, reactors and weapons to give your ship more presence in battle, and more survivability.

To do so, head to the Dry Dock in the Clan Dojo. On a platform on the right side of the Dry Dock, you will find two consoles. The console on the left is where you do all the research for your new ship and new equipment.

Railjack Research

There is a multitude of weapons, engines, and reactors available for you to create, but they all need to be researched first. They all have the same research costs:

  • 10,000 Credits
  • 1 Morphics
  • 2159 Circuits
  • 4750 Nano Spores
  • 2894 Salvage

The aforementioned resource costs are for the smallest Clans. The usual multipliers will impact large Clans:

  • Ghost – x1
  • Shadow – x3
  • Storm – x10
  • Mountain – x30
  • Moon – x100

Once the research is complete, which takes 72 hours, you can then build the item. All items have different resource costs, and at first, they might seem quite steep. Some items will need 1500 Pustrels or Carbides to create. The best way to farm these items in bulk is in Railjack missions. After you defeat the enemy fleet, and they leave the area, jump out of your Railjack and into Archwing mode. Search the entire level for glowing asteroids, bright red canisters, and fallen resources from enemies. You can easily farm hundreds of all the resource types by doing this after each mission.