How resources work and how to get more in A Total War Saga: Troy

Feed your people and they will give you their support.

You have five primary resources to manage while commanding your armies in A Total War Saga: Troy. Each of them provides for your amassing troops and allows you to expand your empire as it grows throughout the region. You may even have to use it to negotiate with a warring faction to leave you alone or relinquish it from a timid foe.

The five resources

These are the primary resources you need to worry about:

  • Food – It’s how you maintain the populations of your armies and your cities. Heroes also require food.
  • Wood – It’s a primary resource in how you construct your buildings inside of your provinces.
  • Stone – The more advanced buildings in your provinces require stone, making it a more difficult resource to come by.
  • Bronze – Your more advanced troops and siege weapons require bronze to fight in harder battles.
  • Gold – Of all the resources, gold is the rarest. You use it to construct unique buildings and some of the best troops in the game require it. It’s vital to protect a province that has a gold mine.

When you first start your campaign, you have a decent stack of each of these resources. Use these wisely, and investigate all of your provinces to construct any resource buildings before expanding to acquire more outside of your territories.

Getting more resources

The most straightforward method to acquire more resources is to conquer territories or attempt to create allies willing to trade more luxurious options. You can view what resource a province has by hovering over the icon to the right of the name. There should be a symbol displayed to the right of relations, happiness, and garrison strength icons.

After conquering a new province, click on it to see what resource buildings you can make. Your resource building options will vary depending on what resource the province can readily harvest. You can only build a resource building if the province has an empty building slot. Only a smaller province can create resource buildings. The province’s capital building slots are available for other administration and temple buildings.