How to ride a turkey and double jump in Spelunky 2

Turkey time.

Spelunky 2

Yang might want you to bring him turkeys in Spelunky 2, but there are other benefits to these noble creatures. You can tame a turkey, and ride it as a mount, although there are some risks involved.

The benefit to riding around on a turkey is that you will be able to double jump. You will also still be able to attack, but instead of swinging your whip, the turkey will strike with that colossal neck, dealing with any enemy that comes your way.

How to tame a turkey

To tame a turkey, all you need to do is jump on its back. The turkey will freak out, and try to dart around the screen, so you want to do this somewhere safe. Find a nice spot with no traps, creatures, or surprises and carry the turkey there. A perfect spot is a single one block hole, as the turkey cannot escape from it.

Drop the turkey, then jump on its back, and after a short while the turkey will become tame and you will see some love hearts come out of it. Now the turkey is your friend, and you can ride it around the screen. If you get knocked off by taking damage, you can just jump straight back on again.

How to double jump

When you are on a turkey, you can double jump just by hitting the A button twice. It is a useful way to take long drops safely, navigate awkward jumps, and even escape from some enemies or traps.

The final thing you should know about turkeys is that, if you are low on health, you can use a bomb to kill them, then pick up the cooked turkey meat. This will give you back a heart, but do not let Yang see you do this or he will come after your with a vengeance.