How to sign up for the Roller Champions Closed Alpha

Get your skates on.

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Image via Ubisoft

Roller Champions is an upcoming free-to-play multiplayer sports title from Ubisoft. Two teams of three players will face off in a roller derby, as they try to control the game ball and score goal son each other. Roller Champions differentiates itself from the likes of the Rocket League through tackles and direct cooperation between players. You can take out other players with a tackle, or team up with someone on your team for a combo move. 

When is the closed alpha?

The closed alpha will run from 9 am PDT Mar. 11 until 1 pm PDT Mar. 23. Preloading for those who get in will begin on Mar. 9.

How to access the closed alpha

If you would like to participate in the closed alpha, you will need to sign up at the official Roller Champions website. The closed alpha will be on PC only. Enter your email address after clicking on the “Register Now” button. If you don’t get an invite to the closed alpha, it is worth signing up anyway, as you will be automatically invited to the upcoming beta if you do. 

People who get access to the closed alpha will be able to invite two more people from their Uplay friends list to join them. The alpha will allow you to create groups and matchmake as a team of three.

According to Ubisoft, the closed alpha will contain the following new content, so this is what you can expect if you managed to play Roller Champions at a convention or trade show:

• New Arena: Chichen Itza. Our biggest and most spectacular arena yet.
• Character creation and customization system. Choose from many options to create your character and customize your outfit!
• Map layout tweak: Curvature, elevation and other environmental elements have been tweaked to improve navigation and gameplay.
• New Team Moves: Grapple Boost, Grapple Double Jump and Grapple Double Pump
• New Tackling moves: Extended Tackle and Air Tackle!

Information will not carry over from the alpha or beta into release, but participants will get special items when the game launches.