How Skirmishes work in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

A free for all brawl.

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Skirmishes are a new form of battle players will encounter on their journey across Aionios in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. These large-scale fights are sometimes required for certain quests, but they can also be found while exploring the open world. These battles feature more combatants than regular fights, allowing you to choose which side to help. This guide will explain how Skirmishes work in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to join a Skirmish battle

Skirmishes can be spotted while roaming the open world. You will occasionally encounter two large groups of enemies in a battle. As you approach this large fight, an in-game message will prompt you with a choice.

This screen will detail both sides of the conflict and the participants’ average levels. You can also see the rewards that you can earn from either side. In specific Skirmishes, you can only select one side for story purposes.

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After making your choice, a large fight will occur between both factions. You can freely move around a set area and help your chosen allies take their enemies down. During a skirmish, you won’t be able to attack or draw aggression from nearby enemies.

After the skirmish is over, you will receive rewards and experience points. If the winning faction is from a colony, you will earn affinity for all the citizens there. Skirmishes can respawn in certain areas if you fast travel to a different region, then travel back. You will encounter skirmishes during main story quests that only be fought once.

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Some of these battles will give you Nopon coins as a reward instead of items and bonus points. You should pick the side that offers Nopon coins, as they’re a rare resource that can be used for high-quality items and unique goods later on.

Skirmishes are a great source of rewards and affinity. Participate in as many as possible to maximize your potential for future battles.