How the Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension Battle Pass progression will be made easier

After fan backlash, things are changing, but we’d still like to see things change a little more.

Star System

On Season 7’s launch, Apex Legends introduced a new Battle Pass progression system using stars. However, after it was introduced, players realized that it was so difficult to gain levels under the new system. After major fan backlash and another look at the Star system, Respawn has the made Battle Pass progression easier for players.

Weekly Challenges adjustment

Starting on Week 2, all of the weekly challenges will be easier and guaranteed to take less time to complete than the challenges everyone was given during Week 1. Week 1 will most likely stay the same, however, as some have already completed them. The rest of the weeks will be adjusted on the weekly reset.

There is currently no change being made to the daily challenges.

XP to Star conversion rate changed

In terms of XP, instead of needing to get 10,000 XP to earn one star, it will now only take 5,000 XP to get a single star. This will double the number of stars gained via XP, and this change is being implemented now. This means that you will earn a Battle Pass level every 50,000 XP, which is still much steeper than the 9,000 at week start in the former system, but less than the 54,000 XP that the old system maxes out on.

Players are glad that Respawn is making adjustments, and once they are in play, we will see if the changes are enough. We would like to see each star earned at 2,500 or 3,000. A constant 25,000 or 30,000 rate of XP-to-Battle Pass levels would make up for the fact there are no easy weekly wins. But at least the changes currently set to take place will make things better than they were initially. We will see how everything plays out.