How the Armor Regen Limited-Time Takeover works in Apex Legends War Games event

Self-healing shields and a little change to the Loot Pool.

Shield Regen Takeover LTM

The Armor Regen Limited-Time Takeover also called the Shield Regen Takeover, is a two-day Takeover in the Apex Legends War Games event. Like other games, such as Halo, in Armor Regen, your Armor will heal on its own rather than be dependent on healing items.

All Evo Shields, regardless of tier, will regenerate hit points at the rate of 12 hp per second while not in combat. For your armor to consider you ‘not in combat,’ there needs to either be 8 seconds of no incoming damage for a partially damaged shield or 16 seconds of no incoming damage for a cracked/fully depleted shield. The Takeover’s regeneration also stacks with Wattson’s passive armor regeneration, making her an extremely powerful Legend in this LTM. This mode is also well suited for Octane, who automatically regenerates health over time.

While the Armor Regen Takeover is active, all Shield Cells have been removed from the loot pool. However, Phoenix Kits and Shield Batteries are still present and not to be overlooked. How the regeneration interacts with the Legendary Body Shield is not clear, but it would make sense that the regen rate is sped up in some way.

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The Armor Regen Limited-Time Takeover is active from April 13 until April 15.