Apex Legends War Games event schedule: All Limited-Time Takeovers and times

Five all-new game modes, and Mad Maggie is back.

All War Games LTMs

Lately, most of the Apex Legends events have been focused on one or two new things, such as a single new LTM and a takeover, or one new LTM and some old one thrown into the mix. The War Games event throws all of those expectations out of the window. Mad Maggie is back on the announcement speaker, with five all-new game modes.

These new Limited-Time Modes are all Takeovers and will replace the normal Trios and Duos game modes while they are active. Since there are so many different games being introduced, it’s exciting, but it can be a little intimidating to navigate. Have no fear: Here is the full War Games event schedule with all events and times. You can also click any title below to go to a full guide about that specific game type.

War Games Event Schedule

Armor Regen is now first, and Second Chance is now last, due to some glitch occurring with experience points and statistics in Second Chance.

The War Games event is active from April 13 until April 27.