Apex Legends War Games event brings skins, rewards track, and five new game modes

Maggie is back, and the arena is about to get a little mad.

War Games event promo image

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is ending Season 8 with a bang by introducing a brand-new in-game event called The War Games. It is not a collection event, but still full of cosmetics to cop from the store and rewards to fight for. The event is unique because instead of a single new Limited-Time Mode, there will be five different modes cycled through over the course of the event, and none of them have ever been seen before. Mad Maggie is also back as the announcer.

This is unusual, as most events lately have either only had one new mode, or rehashed some of the older but less seen game modes. Usually, when the developers add new modes, it’s to test out features and playstyles that may influence the state of the base game. It will be interesting to see if any of the War Games event content will be returned permanently after the event is over, the same way Heat Shields persisted after the Chaos Theory event ended. The new modes are all Takeovers (meaning they will replace Trios and Duos, but not Ranked), and they are called Second ChanceUltra ZonesAuto BannersKilling Time, and Armor Regen.

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The skins in the War Games event are mostly old Legendary skins returning or recolors of old Legendary Skins, but the Rewards Track has two new Legend skins on it as well. The War Games event launches on April 13 and runs until April 27.