How the Big Maude Rampart Town Takeover works in Apex Legends

Come for the weapons, stay for the good fight.

Big Maude in action

Image via Respawn

Rampart’s painting the town, literally, in her Town Takeover introduced to Apex Legends by the Evolution Collection Event. The Rampart Town Takeover is called “Big Maude” and is a new Point of Interest (POI) on the World’s Edge Battle Royale map. It is located between existing POIs: Geyser and Lava City. The POI did not replace any major POI, instead, it was put smack in the middle of the rotation between the two existing POIs. It did take out some various buildings, though.

Big Maude Shop

Inside Big Maude
Image via Respawn

Rampart’s Town Takeover consists of two major parts, one being the Big Maude shop. Inside Rampart’s giant tank/shop, you can use Crafting Materials to purchase special Rampart-modded Fully-Kitted weapons from the new Vend-it Machines.

Vend-It machines offer and dispense Rampart’s Custom Modded Paintball Weapons in a tier-based system, that will have better kits as the match time increases. This makes Big Maude a good place to drop, but also a good place to rotate through and hit up mid to late game.

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The paint in Rampart’s weapons are equipped with the Graffiti Mod, and will leave paint instead of impact marks on the geography around it. You must have impact marks on in your gameplay settings in order to see it.

Big Maude Paintball Course

Big Maude paintball course
Image via Respawn

The shop is only half the story when it comes to the Big Maude POI. The other half is a paintball course. This is a perfect place to use your paintball guns, and splatter many different colors all over the place while fighting.

There is no special or interactive function to this part of the POI, but it is definitely a fun place to shoot it out.

The Big Maude Rampart Town Takeover, like with other Town Takeovers, will be a permanent part of World’s Edge.