How the Dauntless Bounty System Works


Phoenix Labs, the developer of Dauntless, is introducing Bounties, a new system to replace the game’s lackluster weekly quests and give players a new way to earn progress toward the Hunt Pass. It not only gives players more control over how they earn Hunt Pass rewards but also lets them do so on their schedule.

When do Bounties go live in Dauntless?

The Bounty system in Dauntless starts up at the beginning of the next season, Aether Unbound. There’s no exact date announced for Aether Unbound yet, but the current season wraps up Sept. 19, so if it’s the next season in line, it will start then.

From that point on, Bounties are expected to continue in each subsequent season. Unlike weekly quests, there’s no hard limit on how many Bounties players can take on during a given week. Instead, players can take on as many Bounties as they’d like, as long as they have a new currency called Bounty Tokens. These reset at the start of each Hunt Pass, to pay for it.

How do you earn Bounty Tokens?

New Bounties can start any time, at the cost of one Bounty Token each. Players will get a certain amount of Bounty Tokens automatically. Each time a new Hunt Pass launches, everyone in the game receives 10 Bounty Tokens for free, and another two each day.

If you want to hunt them down, Bounty Tokens are drop[ed from any hunt of threat level 2 or higher. You receive Bounty Tokens as rewards for progressing through the Hunt Pass.

Premium Bounty Tokens will also show up in the store once the Bounty system is live in Dauntless. The only difference between premium and regular Bounty Tokens is that the premium variety doesn’t expire at the end of a Hunt Pass.

How do you use Bounty Tokens to unlock Bounties?

As long as you have at least one Bounty Token, you can start taking on Bounties. You can only hold four at a time, but as long as you don’t already have four, you can start a new one at any time. Spending one Bounty Token lets you draw three Bounty Cards at random. You can then choose the one you want to add to your collection, discarding the other two.

Players can take as long as they need to complete Bounties. From what Phoenix Labs has shown before, Bounties seem to have the same objectives as weekly quests, such as hunting Behemoths using a specific weapon or inflicting stagger a certain number of times.

What do you get for completing Bounties?

As of now, the only rewards shown for completing Bounties are Hunt Pass progress items. However, some Bounty Cards are worth more than others. Bounty Cards can come in bronze, silver, or gold rarity, each offering different amounts of Hunt Pass progress. Gold Bounty Cards give the most Hunt Pass progress, but also come with the most challenging requirements.

Phoenix Labs says that players will always receive three Bounty Cards of the same rarity, so they’ll never have to pick a Bounty they don’t want just because it’s gold. The developers also say that all players will get the same proportion of bronze, silver, and gold cards.