How the Flea Market works in Escape from Tarkov

Shop till you drop.

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To say Escape from Tarkov is complex is to make one of gaming’s greatest understatements. There is almost too much to take in between its thousands of weapons, attachments, gear pieces, maps, factions, missions, and more. One of its core systems, the Flea Market, is thankfully also one of its simplest. A marketplace for players everywhere to buy and sell necessary equipment and excess loot, its most complicated feature is undoubtedly its size. We’ll be discussing that and its few other features in this guide.

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Using the Escape from Tarkov Flea Market

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You won’t be able to use the Flea Market the instant you start playing Escape from Tarkov. You’ll need to reach PMC level 15 to unlock access, but once you reach that point, you can use the Market until the next wipe.

Almost everything available to find in Tarkov’s various raids is purchasable on the Flea Market for one of the three in-game currencies, with the majority sold for the base Ruble currency. Selling prices tend to be higher than if you sold to a Trader, but do not advance Trader reputation, instead increasing your own reputation as a seller of goods.

You’ll also be able to buy items the Traders would never sell, or only sell for much higher prices or time-consuming barter item collections. The harder an item is to obtain in raid, the higher its price on the Market, but if you’ve got the money, even a new player can gear up in the best equipment the game offers.

To buy something in the Flea Market, use the drop-down menu on the left side of the screen to filter the item you’re looking for. From there, it’s as simple as selecting Purchase and paying the price. Be aware that because the Market is game-wide, lower-priced items can be snapped up quickly, so you’ll need to be fast on your buy button.

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To sell something on the Flea Market, select the Add Offer button near the top of the screen, choose the item you want to sell, and then press the + symbol below the item’s picture. This will allow you to assign a price. Select your item to open the Add Requirements menu, and you’ll see how long your offer will last. Addd a price to one of the fields and you’ll see he listing fee, which is taken directly from your current wealth. Note that you can only sell items you find in raid — flipping items from Market to Market or Trader to Market is not allowed. Items like the Pouch are also not for sale, as those are limited to the various Editions Tarkov has available.

If your item sells, you’ll get a message from Ragman with an attachment allowing you to collect the selling price. If your item doesn’t sell, it’s stored in your inventory. You can also cancel an offer, but you won’t get the listing fee refunded.

The number of offers you can make depends on your reputation. You earn .01 Flea Market rep for every 50,000 Rubles paid out. Reputation levels and associated offer numbers are as follows:

  • 0 to 0.2: One Offer
  • 0.2-30: Two Offers
  • 30-70: Three Offers
  • 70-150: Four Offers
  • 150-500: Five Offers
  • 500-1000: Six Offers
  • 1000+: Eight Offers

By default, an offer lasts twelve hours, but you can increase that value for additional fees.