Every Escape from Tarkov edition, and what they include

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When is the next wipe in Escape From Tarkov

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The hardcore MMO looter-shooter Escape from Tarkov is a unique beast, both in gameplay and approach to its platform. Demanding its own launcher, at least during its beta period which began on August 4, 2016, the title also has multiple editions that can be difficult to understand for new players. At least initially, meaning the beginning of every wipe, more expensive editions tend to confer additional benefits to players (which are mitigated as progression continues). Here’s every Escape from Tarkov edition, and everything they include.

Escape from Tarkov: Standard Edition

  • Price — $45
  • Roubles — 500,000
  • Stash size — 10×28 (280 slots)
  • Alpha container (2×2)
  • Assorted food, water, and medical components
  • Assorted, faction-specific (USEC/BEAR) weaponry and apparel
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The lowest-priced edition is called the Standard Edition for a good reason; this is where most tend to start their Escape from Tarkov journey. A small stash size and secure Container can make it difficult to progress in missions that demand multiple items, but both can be expanded through questing with various traders.

Escape from Tarkov: Left Behind Edition

  • Price — $75
  • Roubles — 500,000
  • Stash size — 10×38 (380 slots)
  • Alpha container (2×2)
  • Assorted food, water, and medical components+
  • Assorted, faction-specific (USEC/BEAR) weaponry and apparel+

Escape from Tarkov: Left Behind Edition offers a few more pieces of weaponry and assorted health items, which you can read in detail on the Escape from Tarkov pre-order page, but the actual benefit here is the increased stash. Weapons and gear will come and go, and even being better geared right after the wipe doesn’t guarantee success in raids. The additional 100 slots for the stash, however, is a sizeable upgrade from the Standard Edition.

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Escape from Tarkov: Prepare for Escape Edition

  • Price — $100
  • Roubles — 500,000
  • Dollars — 500
  • Euros — 250
  • Stash size — 10×48 (480 slots)
  • Beta container (3×2)
  • Assorted food, water, and medical components++
  • Assorted, faction-specific (USEC/BEAR) weaponry and apparel++

Again, the weaponry, ammunition, foodstuffs, and medicine all get a bit upgraded with this edition, and the stash size becomes 100 blocks larger along with a larger secure container. While the additional funds are pleasant to use, helping players add a few accoutrements to runs in the early game, the stash size and secure container can help guarantee a much faster progression speed through quests, thanks to not needing to sell as much.

Escape from Tarkov: Edge of Darkness Edition

  • Price — $140
  • Roubles — 500,000
  • Dollars — 1,000
  • Euros — 500
  • Stash size — 10×68 (680 slots)
  • Gamma container (3×3)
  • Assorted food, water, and medical components+++
  • Assorted, faction specific (USEC/BEAR) weaponry and apparel+++
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This is the final edition of Escape from Tarkov that is currently for sale, which means it comes with both the largest stash size and secure container size, plus a decent heft of additional weaponry and gear that can help in early raids. It’s recommended to begin with the Standard Edition to see if the game is a decent fit for your expectations and playstyle, then upgrade as necessary. Waiting to upgrade for when Escape from Tarkov goes on sale, which it typically does during the winter holidays, is highly recommended.

Players should also note that selecting a singular edition does not lock them away from higher editions. Escape from Tarkov editions can be upgraded at any time, even partially through a wipe, and all benefits will be bestowed upon players via in-game mail after fully closing the game and launcher, and reopening them.

How to verify your Escape from Tarkov edition

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Upon purchasing Escape from Tarkov, you’ll need to download the launcher after signing into the official Escape from Tarkov website. From the launcher, you can verify which editions you have at the bottom of the launcher, after signing into it with the same information used on the official website.