How the Legend Recolor Store works in Apex Legends

Recolors. Recolors everywhere.

Legend Recolor Store recolors

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Apex Legends is full of various cosmetics, but few are as sought after at the Store Exclusive Legendary Legend skin recolors. Usually, there are only two recolors in the store at a time, some being Legend skins, and others being weapon skins. But for a limited time, the store has been taken over by Legend recolors. The Legend Recolor Store will be available for two weeks, and the returning premium Phasewalker skin and bundle will be available for the entire duration. The other recolors in the store are all brand-new and will rotate every four days.

Legend Recolor Store pricing

Legend Recolor Store
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To buy Legend recolors, you must own the original Legendary skin. These are all standard Legendary Skins that can be purchased for 1,200 crafting metals in their respective menus, or for 1,250 Apex Coins in the Legend Recolor Store itself. Once you have that skin, you can purchase the recolor for either 1,800 Apex Coins or 10,500 Legend Tokens.

Legend Recolor Store skins

There are currently four new Store Exclusive recolors: one for Horizon, one for Loba, one for Revenant, and one for Bloodhound.

Brave Hero (Legendary Horizon Skin, requires Terra Nova)

Brave Hero
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Tigress (Legendary Loba Skin, requires Purple Reign)

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Predatory Instinct (Legendary Revenant Skin, requires Unholy Beast)

Predatory Instinct
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Radiant Stalker (Legendary Bloodhound Skin, requires Unholy Beast)

Radiant Stalker
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