How the new badge menu works in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy

Find the perfect badge for your banner with ease.

New Badge Menu

Image via Respawn

Apex Legends is always evolving, whether it be its gameplay, characters, cosmetics, etc. — but one thing that has pretty much been the same since launch is the badge menu. Badges are like little trophies for showing off your accomplishments on your banner so your team knows who they are fighting with — and so your competitors know who to fear if you’re displayed as the Champion.

All of that said, selecting your badge has always been a messy and convoluted experience. Thankfully, after direct player feedback, the entire badge menu has been reworked for Season 9: Legacy. Here is how the new badge menu functions.

First things first, the badge menu is now organized into categories. Examples of this are subsections such as ranked badges, season-specific badges, Legend-specific badges, and general badges. You can also use a filter to only view a certain portion of the badges. So far, there is only one toggle for the filter, but it allows players to choose to either view all badges or only badges you have unlocked. There is currently no option to filter by only locked badges, but we would love to see that option in the future.

Remember that badge menus are still separated by Legend. There is still no way to see all of your Legend-specific badges side-by-side.