How the red, blue, and green platforms work in 30XX

These sections can lead to loot chests.

30XX platforms
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During your adventures in 30XX, you will come across some tricker platforming sections that involve different colored surfaces that are hidden or not active. They are a combination of red, blue, and green and can also include a number. These platforms usually lead to treasure that is off the screen or, in rare instances, the Glory Room, but they are also deployed to block your path of progression through the level.

However, it’s not immediately obvious how they work as they usually require some agile platforming to reach the sections that use them. You will need to know what they do for progression as failing these sections will almost always result in you falling into traps, which can be as severe as one-shot you to death from full health.

To navigate these, you will first need to see which colors are involved and if the platforms have numbers on them. Not all of them will, so it’s important to take note if they do. As you might expect from the number on the platforms, they will disappear and reappear in a cycle starting from one. 

However, this is not on a timer. Instead, they will stay active when you land on them. Once you jump off it, it will deactivate the current one and activate the next platform in the cycle by number. It won’t always be a straight jump between platforms, so you will need to think fast from one to the next or plan ahead if you can see them all.

Touching or bumping into platforms will not trigger them to change, so if you fall underneath one, you will have a hard time getting to the correct side of it.

Those that are not marked with numbers will work in the same way with them appearing and disappearing, but you need to work out the order yourself by jumping off them. They will usually follow a logical order but take note of your surroundings to avoid unnecessary damage in the event that this isn’t the case.

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