How the repulsor works in Halo Infinite

Knock them away with a well-timed repulsor blast.

Halo Infinite tech preview

Image via 343 Industries

There’s not much you can do when a vehicle comes charging straight at you in Halo Infinite. You dodge, or you get hit by it, instantly dying. Although, if you have a repulsor available, you can knock it away and protect yourself. In this guide, we’re going to share how the repulsor works in Halo Infinite.

The repulsor is an equipment item that you can pick up in several of the Halo Infinite multiplayer maps. When you use it, you’ll be able to knock away both vehicles or an opponent who is getting close to you. The blast shoots out in front of you, giving you some distance between you and your target. Yes, if a target is in a vehicle and they’re coming at you, you’ll be able to use this item to push them back if you time it correctly. It might take some practice, though.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When using it on enemy players, it doesn’t stun them, so they can still fire at you from the air. But if they’re in a bad position, you can knock them off the side of a map or into a pit. The same goes for vehicles.

You’ll receive three charges with the equipment when you pick it up. After you use it, there will be a four second cooldown before you can use it again.