How the Summoning Circle works in Phasmophobia

Summon the ghost.

You can find several cursed objects during your ghost investigation in Phasmophobia. These items can prove helpful to you and your ghost-hunting team, but they also come with adverse effects. The Summoning Circle is one of these objects, and how you use it can be critical to your investigation and escape with your life. Here’s what you need to know about how to use the Summoning Circle in Phasmophobia and how it works.

You can use the Summoning Circle to trap the ghost haunting the location you’re investigating. To do this, you need to light the five candles around the Summoning Circle, and then the spirit will appear at the circle, trapped. You want to make sure to bring a lighter with you to bring each of the five candles to life. Like the other cursed objects in Phasmophobia, using this item does drain your sanity.

The problem with trapping the ghost in the Summoning Circle is it will eventually escape. It does not remain in this location forever. You have a limited amount of time to grab pictures of the ghost or use it to keep the spirit at a single site before escaping. We recommend using it when you’re ready to make a run to the van, but you’re worried about everyone’s sanity levels and setting off a Hunt.

Again, the ghost will eventually break out of the Summoning Circle, so don’t depend on it forever. When the spirit breaks out, it won’t be happy.