How the tortured voodoo doll works in Phasmophobia

Put a pin in the doll.

Image via Kinetic Games

If you’ve had trouble trying to figure out where to find the ghost in Phasmophobia, you can make use of the cursed possessions to assist you. While these items are slightly dangerous for you to use, they can help you narrow down the possibilities of the ghost’s room and what type of creature you’re dealing with. Here’s what you need to know about how the tortured voodoo doll works in Phasmophobia.

The tortured voodoo doll allows you to trigger a response from the ghost whenever you place a pin into the doll. The spirit reacts to the doll, forcing it to reveal itself and interact with the environment.

If you can grab the item early on during your investigation, you might be able to narrow down the location of the ghost’s room, making it easier to find it to gather up clues. You can pick up the voodoo doll when you have nothing else equipped, and then click the right-mouse button to stab a pin into the doll, triggering the ghost.

Similar to each of the cursed possessions in Phasmophobia, each time you use it you’ll lose an amount of insanity, increasing the chances of a ghost entering the hunting phase to try and eliminate you. With the tortured voodoo doll, your sanity goes down extremely fast and has the chance of triggering a haunt pretty fast. When we used it, the ghost reacted and found us pretty quick. You may want to use this if you cannot find its room or have trouble getting the ghost to do anything.