How Elimination works in GRID Legends

Watch the clock.

Image via Codemasters

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GRID Legends features a number of different race types. One such type is Elimination, an event where drivers need to fight for position, as well as the clock. So, how does this event work in GRID Legends? Let’s go over the rules and what you need to know in order to dominate in this event.

Elimination’s concept goes like this: the race is broken up into 30 second segments. After 30 seconds has passed, the bottom two competitors will be eliminated from the race.

From here, the race continues with two less racers, and two more will be eliminated after every segment goes by in the event. In the last segment, just two drivers will be left, and the one in the first will come out as the winner.

Elimination will test drivers’ ability to navigate through trouble. One poor turn or straight could be the difference between moving on in the event, or watching the competition in the remainder of the race. Make sure to keep an eye on your position, as well as the seconds counter that flashes in the middle of the screen.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once it hits zero, two drivers will be axed from the race.