How to access a bunker in Call of Duty Warzone

Time to loot those bunkers.

There are several hidden bunkers scattered all over the Call of Duty Warzone, and when they initially arrived, players had no idea how to access them or what purposed they served. Developer Infinity Ward kept quiet about their true nature, too. Now, following update 1.21 to the game, available on May 19, players can access these bunkers.

You will need to acquire a Red Access Keycard to open up a bunker. You can find these keycards by finding them on the floor anywhere in Warzone, or by looting them off of other players who found it while roaming around the game. Once you have the keycard, you need to find a bunker, and 11 of them are hidden throughout the Warzone map. You can find them in these locations:

  • One is northwest of the Military base, and another is south of it.
  • East of the Quarry
  • Two are northeast of the Stadium
  • One is northeast of the Prison, and one of the more famous locations
  • One is south of the Park
  • One is southwest of the Boneyard
  • Two are southwest of Storage Town
  • One is southeast of the dam

The difficult part of opening these bunkers is finding the red access keycards. You can find them in orange (legendary) crates, but they randomly generate all over the map. The chances of obtaining one of these keycards, and then locating a bunker from the above locations before the gas fills up the map are slim. However, the bunkers contain plenty of rare crates, which is worthwhile for any team looking for an edge during combat.

You may not want to stake your entire Warzone win on finding one of these, but you can expect to have a huge assist for completing them and adding the bunker’s loot to your loadout.

Also, eagled eyes adventurers inside the bunker will discover there’s another door inside these bunkers, meaning there are even more secrets hidden away at these locations.