How to access the Diablo 2 Easter Egg in Minecraft Dungeons

Cow city.

Minecraft Dungeons

Image via Mojang

Minecraft Dungeons contains a very neat easter egg, that will instantly get Diablo 2 players nostalgic. Minecraft Dungeons has it’s very own secret cow level, a throwback to the secret cow level in Blizzard’s famous Diablo 2 secret.

To get to the cow level, you will need to finish the game once on the Default difficulty. After you have done this, the drawbridge in your camp will drop down, and you will be able to cross it into a new area. Explore the area until you find a church that is filled with pictures of the developers.

At the very end of a room is a picture of a dog that you can interact with. Doing so will cause the picture to change, showing a total of ten different locations. Now, what you need to do is visit all ten locations and find a rune that is hidden there. The runes can be hidden behind a switch or a small block that looks a little odd when you see it.

Unfortunately, as the game is procedurally generated, we cannot show you the exact locations of the runes. You will simply need to explore the levels very carefully to try and track them all down. We do have a guide that will help you to do that, however, as the runes will appear in the same area, it is just finding that area that might take some time.

You need to collect all ten runes, and when you have them all you can return to the church and interact with a large golden button that you can find there. This will transport you to the secret cow level, where waves of dangerous bovine foes will attempt to kill you.

It’s a fun little easter egg, and also adds a new place for you to play through in the game, which is certainly a bonus.