How to acquire admin privileges in Dubai in Hitman 3

Amateur sys admin.

Image via IO Interactive

During the “How Mighty They Fall” mission in Hitman 3, you will need to acquire administrator privileges in the server room. You are trying to rearrange your target’s schedules to get them both in the same place at the same time and to do this, you will need server room access.

This is a bit of a process, with lots of room for error, so we will run through it step by step in this guide. When you make it to the server room, you need to interact with the terminal in the center and will find that it is locked. Pull any of the racks from the server stacks, and you will set off an alarm. You will need to hide, but this is as simple as walking behind one of the stacks facing aware from the door. Two guards will come, but they won’t check the room and will simply turn off the alarm.

Now, walk out single maintenance door, not the double doors. You will find yourself on a balcony that runs to the left, with two maintenance workers on it. A female worker will be on the phone, so go past her and you will find a lone male worker at the end of the hall. Subdue him and he will drop a keycard, and you can hide his body in a locker.

Go back to the server room and use the keycard on a small pedestal that comes out of the ground. Now you are told that you need to acquire admin privileges. If you check the four server stacks you will notice that three of the screen has green text, but one of them has different yellow text. Pull this rack and you are in and can change the target’s schedule by interacting with the central terminal again.

You can do other things in the terminal, like switching off cameras, opening elevator doors, and even flooding a room with gold bars, so decide what you wan to do before continuing the mission.